May 16, 2009

The lights are on, but no one is home.

Across the street from our subdivision lies this old house. My daughter and I are obsessed with this house. It is old, dirty, run down, and very creepy (click photo for larger image). It reminds us of a haunted house or one of those houses from a horror movie. You know the one that is the only one for miles around when the car breaks down. You are forced to seek shelter there and then begin seeing things, and feeling things, and then everything begins to go very, very wrong.

That's the kind of house we imagine this to be. It is so cool. If you could see up close you would notice the half-hanging curtains, the ripped window shades, the driveway overgrown with grass, and the rusted mailbox with no house number. In fact there is no house number anywhere to be found. The old cars sit next to the house. They are always in the same spot, they never move. Also, we have never seen a person there in 15 months. Imagine our delight as we were driving down the road one night and spotted lights on in the house. It is the one and only time we have ever seen lights on. We freaked out. "OMG, LIGHTS!", we both shouted as I hit the breaks in the middle of the road. There we sat in the road staring at our creepy house. There were lights on and silhouted in the old bay window was a large Christmas tree. The tree was not illuminated and it was nowhere near the month of December. Creepy! Even though the home was lit up and the outline of the objects in the house were visible through the sheer curtains, not a soul was in there. No movement, no people, just that creepy Christmas tree.

Is it most likely just another old, abandoned house? Probably. But we love to imagine so much more about "our" creepy house. If any one needs a house for a horror movie let them know we have just the one, down at the end of Nobottom Road.