Jul 17, 2009

A Beautiful Life

As I approach 40 I find myself yearning more and more for family. When spending time with the elder members of the family they seem to all share the same sentiment: "Isn't it nice to have the family together?" or "These are my favorite times, when we can all be together". Why is it that we usually hear those words coming from the elderly? Are they the only ones that care to voice it? Maybe they are the only ones that take the time to stop and think about it and enjoy it most? But then again aren't they the ones that actually have the time to stop and think about it?

I believe that as we marry, raise families, and make our path in the world, we are just too dang busy. Simplify. This is such a beautiful word to me. Can't we all just simplify? Of course we have to work, and raise kids, and do all the things that come along with all of that. But that, I believe, is what takes away from the importance of living.

Sometimes I think we just need to stop and move slower and with more purpose. Is that a contradiction? Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and relive my children's younger days. I would not have rushed as much. I would have listened to every little story. I would have played more on the floor. I would have marveled at the world together a little more. Hurry up and rush to get them off to school, rush to do homework, rush to make dinner so we can get in bed on time, so we get a good nights sleep, so we can have the energy to get up tomorrow and rush through that day! Ugh!

I want to reach back in time and tell myself, "STOP. SLOW DOWN! Don't you know they grow up so quickly?" Before you know it they are young women and men, and your time with them is gone. They are still around, but are they present? Was I present?

I believe the elderly love to be surrounded by family because by this age they have truly realized the importance in life. It is moments, people, loved ones, experiences. Relax about the school project, your financial portfolio, your Booster meeting, your deadlines. When we reach the golden years of life, none of that will matter. We will not think to ourselves "Wow, thank God I had dinner on the table every night", or "Whew! I'm glad I payed my bills on time".

What we will really be thinking about are the people in our lives. We will remember our experiences with loved ones, parents, children, grandchildren. We will treasure those times & forever wish we had more of those times.

Why not stop and enjoy those days now? Why not slow down, simplify, capture each moment in our heart like a flash of a camera captures a slice of life? Live those moments, love that family, treasure the unity.

This is what I wish for myself and my children. I wish to live each moment to the fullest, and sometimes it is so damn hard to do! But I don't want to go on and on when I am 78 about how it's so nice to finally have the family all together. I want to live it now, love them now. Once life is gone, it is sooo gone. There is no going back. There is no way to capture it again. There is no rewind button.

Grab it.

Experience it.

Love it.

Live it.

Make this a beautiful life.

Thank you to Melissa at The Inspired Room for reminding us to always strive to live a beautiful life.


JanMary said...

Lovely post, and so true.

It is these wee moments that make our lives special.

Hi from N IReland.

shopannies said...

family is wonderful and I love how you have captured many smiles on your family member faces

Gina said...

This is such a great reminder, I think I need a little bit more floor time today. They do grow up so fast! Thanks for sharing this and thanks for stopping by my blog!

ImagineCozy said...

Beautifully said. I still have a 3 year old and I am not stopping and really enjoying life with her as much as I truly should.

Thank you for the reminder!