May 29, 2009

7 quick takes friday - vol.3

Ever since I have begun following several decorating blogs, I have been so, so inpsired to get things going around my new house. I have done a few projects, one of which involoved spray painting furniture! I am so glad I have been bitten by the decorating bug because I was feeling like I would never be inspired with all of the bland newness of a fresh build.

Twitter. I am hooked, now why can't my besties get hooked too? My cell phone tweets at me all day long with little nothings from my son, his girlfriend, and even my girl Oprah, but none of my best girlfriends have jumped on the twitter bandwagon yet. C'mon Ladies, get with the program!!

I am going ghosthunting tonight!! A girlfriend and I are going on an all-night tour of the West Virginia Penitentiary. Now before you all get your knickers in a twist let me assure you that I am not a hard-core ghost/spirit person. My girlfriend on the other hand is all into it, and is addicted to the reality ghost-hunting shows like the ones on the Travel Channel. So since I am always up for a little adventure, and today IS her birthday, off we go to WV. I'll let you know how it goes.

Rain, Rain, Go Away. We needed rain badly, but 4 days now? C'mon! I'm over it already. How does a girl hit the Friday garage sales in the pouring rain? UGH!

Today is not only my girlfriends birthday, it is also my Dad's day. Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!

My girlfriend Denise lost her car to a fire this week. About 1/2 hour after she returned home at night she smelled smoke, but couldn't find the source. A short time later her next-door neighbor came a bangin on the door. "Get out of the house, I called 911", he hollered. Her car was parked right up next to her house. Fortunately the fire department came and put out the fire, but not before her whole front engine was engulfed in flames! The car is totaled! After a little "googling" she discovered that a recall was issued on her car last month, to take effect May 2009. Figures! Well, she hadn't been notified yet, but sure enough the oil, and the drip, and the something-something manifold, sparky-plugy thing happened, and now she has to get a new car. What a freakish thing to happen! Poor Denise!!

Here is what I did last night while I watched the Cleveland Cavs win Game 5 of their series against Orlando:

Just take tennis balls (or stryofoam balls), strips of your favorite fabrics, and a glue gun. Wrap the strips around the ball and secure with hot glue. And then, voila, you end up with this:

Stop by Conversion Diary to check out all the great "7 Quick Takes Friday" posts.

May 26, 2009

my magnificent monday - week 2

Yesterday was Memorial Day so this is a day late....

My (Tuesday) is magnificent because:
1) I just had a fantastic 4 day weekend.
2) I love spending time with my hubby.
3) My fingernails and toenails are painted purple.
4) I am excited about plans to have a 4th of July picnic at our home.

May 22, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday - vol.2

I went "Garage Sale-ing" today. My first Friday of the season to venture out and pay money for other people's castoffs. I love it! I took my parents with me which made it even more fun. We found some great deals. I got a great crockpot at a steal. I have one already, but now I have a large one with the pot that comes out for easy storing and washing. Yea! My mom found some gorgeous silk window valances. I can't wait to see them up on her windows. My other little find was a little child's stepstool which I will use to put a flower pot on once I add it to my list of items to paint black this weekend. My favorites are estate sales but we didn't have any of those today. At least we have the rest of the summer.
MEMO TO: Elderly people, people that walk slow either with cane, limp, or some sort of ailment, or just slow walkers in general: PLEASE do not walk down the center of the lane in a parking lot. I love you all and have no problem being patient and waiting for you to cross the aisle going to or from your vehicle. BUT PLEASE do not walk down the center of the lane. There is nothing more annoying when running "quick" errands than to have to sit in a parking lot and wait for someone to walk ever so slowly ALL THE WAY UP THE CENTER OF THE AISLE TO GET TO THE STORE. Just cross the aisle & get it over with PLEASE.
Am I the only one that has noticed that when you click on "Next Blog" at the top of the Blogger page, you always get a blog in a foreign language? Or does this just happen to me? Go ahead give it a try, at the very top of my blog click on "next blog" and 9 times out of 10 you will either get a blog in a foreign language or a blog that is all technical with World of Warcraft gibberish. Talk about annoying!
My daughter's Cheer/Dance tryouts were last week, and Yea! she made the Level 5 cheer team and also 3 dance teams. The High School tryouts were the same week and she also made Football Cheerleading and Competition Squad. All of which will be for naught if she doesn't do something quick about that failing grade in English!
American Idol. Yea Kris!!! I am thrilled beyond words that Kris Allen won AI. Yes, I know the judges and all of America are in love with the over-theatrical, screeching Eddie Munster wannabe, but obviously not ALL of America, cuz the votes were cast, and Kris is the winner. Again I say it, YEA!
On Tuesday's finale Adam Lambert sang "Mad World" which was a song on the Donnie Darko soundtrack. This movie is about an extremly troubled teenager who among other things has disaster plans for his high school. And there is Adam singing on stage in a trenchcoat, a la Columbine. Just sayin' is all.
My last two posts were about Adam Lambert, which goes to show that even though he wasn't my first pick to win Idol along with more than 1/2 the AI voters, he is the only one we can't stop talking about. Things that make you go hmmm......

May 21, 2009

decorating my nest

When we lived in our previous home I was all about the decorating. The house was a 1920's Craftsman Bungalow, and the wood floors and architectural features really inspired me. We lived in the home for 9 years and I finally had it completely decorated exactly how I loved it, just in time to sell it in 2008. I miss this house so much. I loved it because it was old and cozy and had a good soul.

Our beautiful new home is just that: a new home. We are the first owners, so what it lacks in character & charm, it makes up for in space, location, and is a blank canvas ooozing in decorating possibilities. The only problem is that I am having a difficult time finding design inspiration, until I found the Nester that is. The Nester has a blog, Nesting Place, that encourages women like me to decorate fearlessly. Her motto is "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful". I have spent numerous days lurking in the home design blogs of these talented, inspiring ladies and have decided to tackle a few design dilemnas.

Design Dilemna #1

My old (as in bought it in my early 20's), dorm room style, little entertainment center in my Living Room. At this time a fabulous Wall Unit & Flatscreen TV are not in the budget. Therefore what to do with the one I have? I was inspired by Nancy @ Live, Love, Laugh to go ahead and spray paint this unit black. It will go great with my decor and wall color and if I leave off the outdated glass door it should look awesome. I will keep you posted. Once done it would look great adorned with a whimsical Quote Jar being given away over at The Lettered Cottage.

Design Dilemna # 2

Curtains for my living room. I have the wood slat blinds which I love, but I am so afraid to invest money in curtains. Should I go with valances, draperies, tie-backs? I really have no clue. I think what I need to do is follow the advice of The Nester and carry my swatches & paint chips with me and just find either a ready-made curtain or fabric that I love, and just play with it. If I keep an eye on my budget I can't go wrong. I know fabric will bring such life to these sterile rooms. I just need to take the leap.

Design Dilemna # 3

My backyard is awesome and big. The only problem is that our home was built just a year ago and this subdivision was built on farm land, therefore NO trees! Which is driving me insane. First order of business this summer is to plant some fast growing trees (is there such a thing?). I was inspired by a video by Kara @ Made 2 Create. She is just jumping in with the landscaping and going for it. Again, with no fear. Here is my big, blank canvas of a backyard.

So now I just need to take the cue from all of these creative ladies and get going with my projects. Hopefully I can add to my decor with some of the great giveaways over at The 3rd Annual Cottage Charm Giveaway. Check it out, you could win some great items too!

May 19, 2009

I ♥ Faces -- Weekly Photo Contest

Here is a photo of my infamous neice Elmyra. Who would have thought such a sweet little thing like this could earn such a dubious distinction as that? I am submitting this photo in the weekly contest over at "I Faces" .

I am submitting this photo into the Blurb book photo contest. If chosen, I grant I ♥ Faces permission to use my photo in a printed version of a book for commercial use and possibly advertising of a photo book on both the Blurb and I ♥ Faces web sites.

May 18, 2009

My Magnificent Monday

My mantra has always been "Mondays Suck". I usually fall into depression on Sunday evening dreading Monday and what it signifies, which is "the work week", the "start of the daily grind", "5 days till the weekend". However, I have lately begun to look forward to Mondays. Why? Because it is another glorious day which we have been given. Each day is a gift that should be viewed with gratitude, optimism, and wonder at the world around us. (At least that's how I feel this Monday morning).

Therefore, I am starting "My Magnificent Monday", a list of things in my life that I am grateful for. I figure if I start each Monday this way it can only be the start of a great week. I am blessed with a great life and I intend to have a Magnificent Monday.

I am blessed because:
1) The sun is shining today.
2) I got to spend last evening with my busy teenage daughter.
3) I have a job when so many do not.
4) I have a hot, sexy husband.

May 16, 2009

The lights are on, but no one is home.

Across the street from our subdivision lies this old house. My daughter and I are obsessed with this house. It is old, dirty, run down, and very creepy (click photo for larger image). It reminds us of a haunted house or one of those houses from a horror movie. You know the one that is the only one for miles around when the car breaks down. You are forced to seek shelter there and then begin seeing things, and feeling things, and then everything begins to go very, very wrong.

That's the kind of house we imagine this to be. It is so cool. If you could see up close you would notice the half-hanging curtains, the ripped window shades, the driveway overgrown with grass, and the rusted mailbox with no house number. In fact there is no house number anywhere to be found. The old cars sit next to the house. They are always in the same spot, they never move. Also, we have never seen a person there in 15 months. Imagine our delight as we were driving down the road one night and spotted lights on in the house. It is the one and only time we have ever seen lights on. We freaked out. "OMG, LIGHTS!", we both shouted as I hit the breaks in the middle of the road. There we sat in the road staring at our creepy house. There were lights on and silhouted in the old bay window was a large Christmas tree. The tree was not illuminated and it was nowhere near the month of December. Creepy! Even though the home was lit up and the outline of the objects in the house were visible through the sheer curtains, not a soul was in there. No movement, no people, just that creepy Christmas tree.

Is it most likely just another old, abandoned house? Probably. But we love to imagine so much more about "our" creepy house. If any one needs a house for a horror movie let them know we have just the one, down at the end of Nobottom Road.

May 15, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol.1)

~ 1 ~
This week was Audition Week at my daughter's allstar gym. She has decided to be on "only" 4 teams this year instead of 5. Which will make things easier for her? She is now moving up to the Level 5 team, which means she needs to start busting out with a "full twisting layout" pretty tootin quick. She has turned into an amazing dancer (in my non-biased mom opinion) and will be on 3 dance teams. Only 3 weeks off from practice and they are back at it on Monday. This is pretty much our life.

~ 2 ~
Update on my post "She's been known to kill small animals": Elmyra was over the other day with her little kitten. My daughter runs in and tells me that Elmyra has trained the cat to look at her and meow on command. She holds the cat up in the air under the front arms and she says "DO IT, look at me, look at me" and the cat will Meow. Then she says "DON'T DO IT, look at me, look at me" and the cat does nothing. "Mom you have to see this!", my daughter excitedly tells me. Sure enough the cat would meow when Elmyra said "Do It" and remain silent when she said "Don't Do It". Well it only took me about 15 seconds to get to the bottom of her magical powers: SHE IS PRESSING HER THUMBS INTO THE CATS LARYNX EACH TIME SHE WANTS THE CAT TO "DO IT". Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh!!! More animal torture. What cat wouldn't meow when having human thumbs pressed into it's throat!?

~ 3 ~
My son has been growing out his facial hair for quite some time now. He looks like lumberjack guy, with the scruffy face and moustache. It was in the overgrown stage, but not quite the actual beard & moustache stage. This basically means he looked like a bum. I kept asking him when he was going to shave it. Well, apparently he did Wednesday night, a fact that I failed to notice as I conversed with him before he left for work yesterday. Oooops. I received a tweet yesterday afternoon that says "I look 13 with my face clean shaven". What? Bad Mama! I bugged him and bugged him to shave and then didn't even notice. Bad Mama!

~ 4 ~
Please say a prayer for my bestfriend Stacy. She is having quite a "rollercoaster of emotion" week. On Wednesday we attended her Pinning Ceremony. She just graduated from nursing school (no small feat) and is now an RN. Her school graduation is this coming Saturday so it's been a great week in that respect. However, her grandmother passed away yesterday morning and having just recently lost both of my grandmothers, my heart goes out to her. Like I said, tough week, highs and lows.

~ 5 ~
I want a treadmill!!! Hubby won't buy me one, something about money and all (just kidding honey). I know we can't get one right now, but it's the only thing I want. I have myself convinced that all the hours I spend late at night or early in the morning catching up on all my damn reality tv would be much better spent on the treadmill instead of with my fat ass on the sofa. Ugh!

~ 6 ~
One word: LOST! Or should I say LOMGST!! Best season finale yet. I don't have much to say since I am still speechless and trying to process that action-packed episode. I really need to go back and watch it again and make sense of it all. I know I could just head on out to the ole' internet and get everything I want (and do not want) to know, but I think I'll watch it again and do some supposing on my own.

~ 7 ~
Comments. Why does no one leave me any comments on my posts? Maybe there are less people reading than I thought? Or maybe my posts aren't as catchy as my brain imagines that they are? People, leave me comments! I need some feedback. I know I am a new blogger, but a little feedback (good or bad) would be nice. Much Love!

May 14, 2009

Judge not lest ye be judged

"We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It's one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it's another to think that yours is the only path."

~Paolo Coelho

Strong words to live by. I have been beyond aggravated lately with a certain person that has taken it upon themselves to sit in judgement of myself and my family members. Really? Is your life so fantastic that you must scrutinize others so harshly? Even though you are an integral part of our lives, please, I implore you to take the time to actually get to know us. It is not fair to take snippets of what you know about someone and make sweeping judgements. You think your path is great? I am happy for you, truly I am. It is wonderful that you are content with your life. I think it is encouraging how you have been working toward bettering your life, but you know what? Our lives are not so abysmal as you might think. What is good for the goose is not necessarily so damn great for the gander! Let me live my life, let my family members live their lives, and please feel free to live your life. I do not sit in judgement of you, and we all know I could have a field day with that. Rather I choose to love you, faults and all.

Being on the receiving end of judgement has really given me pause to think. How often do I judge others? How often do I criticize others' decisions, choices, or paths in life. Knowing how belittling judgement can be, I am definitely making a concerted effort to take pause and think before I form opinions or judge others or criticize. I have not walked in their shoes. I have not lived their life. Each and every person, thing, event, issue in our lives serves to shape who we are and what we are. I have no right to pass judgement on you. Please do not pass judgement on me. It is hurtful and unneccesary, and beside next time you do it I swear I might just haul off and bitch slap you!

May 13, 2009

Buh-Bye Adam, Buh-Bye

OK, so America hasn't let me down yet with the weekly voting on American Idol. Last night's episode drove me nuts! Yes, it is true that I don't care for Adam and that Kris is my favorite, so I might sound a little bias when I say KRIS & DANNY BLEW ADAM AWAY!! Seriously? The judges are just salivating over Adam. Were they listening to the same thing I was? Because all I heard was high pitch screeching and loads of melodrama. They told him he is a rock star and should make a rock album. I'm sorry but there is not one person I know that would listen to music that sounds even remotely similar to what he shrieked at us last night. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE AMERICA - send Adam home tonight.

Simon Cowell was all, "I hope America doesn't think that he's safe and just not vote. I encourage America to vote for him". And I was all, "There's my proof that Adam was #3 last week and in danger of going home".

Of course the judges love Adam. They are Hollywood, they are music industry, they are jaded and they have seen it all. So here comes Adam who is unlike anyone we've seen before on Idol and they are just peeing their pants over him. Yes, the guy has good vocals, but what he does with those vocals makes me want to gouge my eyes out. Danny's version of "You are So Beautiful" kicked the patootie out of Adam's performances. And Kris' version of Kanye West's "Heartless"? Brilliant!!! Both of those performances were so in a different league to me than Adam's theatrical, ear-splitting, drama-laden, fake emotion "songs". BTW, loved it when Ryan reminded America that Adam has subjected us to his versions of both Queen and Cher. Maybe I like Ryan after all?

So here I am waiting with sheer anticipation for the results show tonight. Can't wait to see Adam Lambert go home. Buh-Bye - see you on Broadway (or at least on an episode of Days of our Lives).

May 12, 2009

My Spiritual Limbo

I have been struggling most of my adult life with my faith or lack of faith in God. I have a difficult time articulating how I feel on this subject. Maybe because it is such a confusing jumble of thoughts in my head, that to explain it to anyone else seems impossible. I recently came across "Conversion Diary", a blog of a woman who was an Atheist and has been blogging about her 5 year conversion to Christianity. Her post entitled "On Having Proof" really struck a chord with me. Her post echoed what has been rambling around in my head for so long now. Her quest for answers has encouraged me to find my own answers. I have gone too long now with not knowing what I believe in, living in this "spiritual limbo" of mine. She has encouraged me to get my thoughts out there, begin to mull over this whole issue, and stop living in a state of no beliefs at all. Therefore, I will follow her lead and write about it (not for 5 years or anything crazy like that).

I was raised by a mother that is secure, certain, and convicted in all things God. I attended Catholic schools for 12 years, but we were so much more than Catholic. We atteneded different churches from time to time that were not Catholic and were therefore exposed to a variety of Christian worship. We read the Bible as children and I still remember I loved the illustrated kids' Bible that we read before bed each night. We attended Vacation Bible School every summer. We were also embarassed publicly by the weekly bible studies at the local park. It was strange to us at the time: why would you have a bible study at the playground? Don't you realize all the people are staring at you when you pray aloud or sing with your hands in the air? Now being a mother of 2 kids it is quite obvious to me why bible study was at a really cool playground, but at the time my brother and I were mortified. We became adept at blending in with the other kids on the playground and joined them in gawking at the strange ladies waving their arms in the air and speaking in tongues. No matter how strong the urge to pee, we were not going to be seen approaching that picnic table of crazy ladies.

Our home was also a home of prayer. We prayed at the drop of hat. Prayer went way beyond 3 squares and bedtime. Any chance that came up mom was praying for an answer, for guidance, for someone's health, for someone's soul. Fighting with a playmate? Let's stop and ask God to help us find a way to get along. Studying for a history test? Pray to God for guidance and to help you in remembering all you need to know. We talked to God all the time. He was someone living in our home, someone that we could talk to whenever we needed to. Even today with my doubts and everything I still find it very soothing and calming to have my mother pray over an issue.

I never felt that God was crammed down my throat. It was just a way of life for us. Yes, I had to explain things to friends, or endure the occasional "Your Mom is a Jesus freak" or "Is your Mom a bible banger"? But all in all we survived and had a good solid foundation of upbringing. Fast forward 20+ years and I am now a wife & mother of 2 children and I am completely without Faith in God and even questioning my belief. For many years now I have questioned faith, organzed religion, and what I believe and don't believe. I have not spent a ton of time dwelling on these issues, I mean it certainly doesn't keep me up at night, therefore I have not really come to any conclusions for myself. I have been in sort of a spiritual limbo if you will. Not sure what I believe, who I believe, or if I believe at all. All of this I am sure breaks my mother's heart, but everyone must find their own way, their own truth, their own path in life. And I guess it is time I stop ignoring the issue and figure things out for myself once and for all. Here are a few thoughts that I have. They are NOT conclusions but more like questions, or doubts, or thoughts on all of this.

1.) The Catholic church is not for me. (ok that's a conclusion). After having been exposed to various other Christian churches, when I make it back for a Catholic mass I am left feeling completely empty. All of the coldness, the ritual of pray this, repeat this, say the
same thing over and over every Mass, stand, sit, kneel, stand, kneel, shake hands, blah, blah, blah, blah, on and on and on. If you were raised in the Catholic church you probably knew the Mass by heart by the time you are 5 years old. Then you spend your remaining 85 years of your life just repeating the words. How could all of those words mean anything to anyone? They are repeated from memory. You could be planning your Sunday dinner or dreaming about that day's NFL game, and still recite the Our Father and the Apostles' Creed. Then there is the whole "You must be a Catholic to go to heaven" thing. And what is up with the Mary devotion? My mother always told me "Why would I pray to Mary when I can go directly to the source?" Makes perfect sense to me. The Mary and Saint "thing" reminds me a bit of Idol worship, which is not OK if you are a Christian, correct?

2) FAITH & BELIEF & TRUTH. My thoughts are really muttled on this issue so I will try to keep it short and concise. I think you either have faith or you do not. Believing in what you believe in and having Faith in those Beliefs is what makes you a Christian. However that does NOT give you the right to judge others who do not share those beliefs. That does not mean that Jews, Buddhists, or Hindus are following the wrong Religion. They are following their own beliefs and truths. WE BELIVE IN SOMETHING, THEREFORE WE HAVE FAITH THAT IT IS TRUE. THEREFORE THAT IS OUR TRUTH. A Christian has faith that Christ was born, died for our sins, and rose again so we might have eternal life in Heaven with God. Christians BELIEVE that to be true. They have FAITH that they will be in Heaven with God. That is their TRUTH. It is not true for a non-Christian, because they do not have the faith or the belief in those matters. If they decide to start to believe or have faith in the Christian God or Christ, then that will be TRUE for them.

What I am trying to say is that not one single religion or faith is right or wrong. Whatever your truth is that is YOUR fact. It is NOT fact that you must accept Christ into your heart in order to get into Heaven, UNLESS YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN. Because that is your faith and your belief therefore it is YOUR truth. You know it with an absolute certainty. Key word being "you". That is your truth, your belief, your fact - NOT the truth, belief, or fact for everyone on this planet.

3) In recent years I have begun to think of Christianity as just another mythology. You know the stories of mythology we read in high school and college. The Gods, the supernatural things that happen, the relationship between mortals and Gods, etc. The Merriam-Webster definition of MYTH is:

"a usually traditional story of ostensibly historical events that serves to unfold part of the world view of a people or explain a practice, belief, or natural phenomenon".
The bible is full of stories of myths about heroes (Samson in the temple, David & Goliath), God, supernatural occurences (miracles) and even the relationship between mortal & God (the Virgin Mary). This is not meant to lessen the Christian beliefs, but somewhat puts it in to perspective for me along with other mythologies, beliefs, and religions over the history of time. Christianity is just another ancient mythology that for whatever reason has taken a hold and endured the test of time.

That leads me to my final point:

4) If Christianity is just another mythology why do so many millions of people, over the last 2,000 years still believe, still have faith, and continue to be strong in their convictions? There must be something to it, right? I must have belief in me somewhere or I wouldn't be spending time dwelling on it, or blogging about it, or trying to figure it out. Therefore I have decided that instead of just living in limbo, wondering, doubting, and questioning like I have for the last 25 years, I am going to do something about it. I am going to go on a sort of spiritual quest if you will. I will not start with Christianity. I am no expert, but having been raised in it, and been a part of it my whole life I have a much better handle on it than other belief systems. I plan to do my own searching and investigating and really examine what it is that millions of people around the world have found : a faith in something or someone higher than themselves.

May 7, 2009

Happiness is....

....hearing the words " are safe tonight". Woohoo!

May 6, 2009

Headline: America Gets it Wrong - Again!

I am a reality TV junkie. There, I said it. Cat's outta the bag. I didn't plan it that way. I didn't at some point say, "Hey, I love reality tv, so let me try to watch as much of it as I can". It just slowly happened over time. I can count on one hand the number of non-reality TV shows that I watch. What does it say about our culture? or society? or what does it say about me? Who gives a shit. Nothing can beat the warm, fuzzy feeling one gets when hearing Tyra Banks say for the 4,572nd time, "Congratulations, , you will continue on in the hopes of becoming America's Next Top Model", or the joy & elation one feels when your favorite team reaches the pitstop in last place, only to find out it's a non-elimination round.

One of my top faves is American Idol. I have watched every season, every episode and even own CD's of some of Idol's best graduates (Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry). Idol seems to be the only show that fires me up enough to bother to join the pop-culture engine and pick up a phone and vote. This season is no exception. I feel strongly, as per usual, and I last night I even sunk to the depths of what my daughter would call "loserish" behavior and sent a tweet asking people to vote for my guy.

Who is my guy, you ask? Well it's definitely NOT Adam.

Adam Lambert - I realize that he is the big hype right now, (at least that's what the higher-ups at Fox would have you believe) but I just can't stomach the guy. I can't stomach the way Paula swoons over him. Really? The woman is on painkillers. Nuff said. Now some may think I do n't care for him because he's gay (sorry ladies, it's true), but that couldn't be further from the truth. I am actually quite liberal in my politics regarding homosexuality (much to the dismay of my mother). I am one of those "to each his own" kinda people. Whether someone is gay or lesbian matters to me NONE. The reasons I don't like Adam are much less controversial. How about he belongs on Broadway and not on American Idol? How about he is so over-hyped that it makes you want to root for the underdog? How about my musical tastes do not include him? How about all of the emotion that he displays while singing does not appear to come from within, but rather is just a really good acting job (which is a complement really, for a broadway guy). How about America is being brainwashed to love him by Fox and A.I. Execs because he is different, unique, & is an "artist". All of this reminds me of a certain Taylor Hicks. Remember him? Gray hair? Plays the harmonica? Current Broadway star? Winner of Season 5"? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Danny Gokey - I have to say this guy is growing on me. He can sing and I like his bluesy voice. At first he was at the bottom of my list, because call me heartless, but I just couldn't handle the whole "my young, dead wife" sympathy card that was being played. But like I said he's good and I would be much more likley to buy his CD than Adam Lambert's.

Alison Iraheta - Amazing voice. Along with Randy and the rest of the viewers I just can't believe the girl is just 17. I would love to see her win. She'd do much better than youngster Jordan Sparks. She has some amazing stage presence, is humble, and dawg, that girl can blow! Love her!

Kris Allen - My #1 pick from the time we narrowed down to the Top 12. Love his music choices, his voice, his talent, and his guitar playing ability. Now that's an artist (yea, Adam where is your instrument?). Maybe it's because I am a fan of his "type" of music. I sure do love me some Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Robin Thicke, George Michael, and James Blunt. It's my style of music. Yes, it's true, he is cute. But in more of a puppy dog kind of way. Too young for my tastes. I like my guys a little older, such as Justin Timberlake, I mean James Blunt. If he goes home tonight, it will be as #4, which if you remember was the same as Chris Daughtry. Need I say more???

Good luck to the Final Four. Danny, you will be fun to get up and dance to ala "brown eyed girl". Allison, I will rock to you on the radio as I cruise down the road in my minivan. Adam, I will visit you on Broadway next time I am in New York. And Kris, I will buy your CD's, sing them while I work, and catch a show when you're in town, and I promise to vote, vote, vote.

May 2, 2009

Nature's Wonders

Last weekend's roadtrip to Cincinnati was nothing short of a catastrophe. However one good thing came of it: our visit to the Newport Aquarium in Newport, KY (which, let's face it, is really just Cincinnati over the bridge spanning the Ohio River). It's been years since I've been to an aquarium and it didn't disappoint. The fish and sea life were so beautiful. This Sea Anemone (I assume that's what it is, I wasn't taking notes) just took my breath away. How does a living thing growing at the bottom of the ocean look so incredibly beautiful?

If only I had as much luck growing my hackin' tulips. I love spring flowers because they signal an end to all things abysmal, dark, gloomy, depressing, and sad - otherwise known as an Ohio winter. Last fall my daughter, parents, and I planted tulip bulbs in my front garden. All winter I knew spring would be here when my red tulips bloomed for the first time (red being my absolute favorite color). Well the tulips have taken their time and finally just this week have started to grow tall. With the cloudy skies we've had for days they are taking too long to change color if you ask me. They just sit there looking Hurry up already!

We finally an afternoon of brief sun and they turned color - TO PINK!!! What? I did not plant pink bulbs, I most definitely planted RED bulbs. Months and months of longing for red flowers to adorn the front of my gloomy beige house, and I get light pink flowers. Yuck! I have a mind to cut them down, take them back to my local home improvement store, and demand my money back! "Listen lady, I don't care if I bought them last year, or if I planted them and they grew. The package said red and I want red"!

I quit! I swear I quit and give up, and it will never be warm, sunny, or summertime ever, ever, again! Arggghhhhhhhh!!!!

Update: Since last lamenting the pigment of my tulips, I have to say that the pink is very pretty. The tulips have come up strong and tall and a beautiful shade of pink. It's not red, but it will do. Here is a pic of what I get to look at out my office window all day long: