Dec 8, 2009

Things that make you go hmmmm....

Last night while working at a certain Cheer/Dance gym, one of my duties included getting parents to sign a permission slip for an upcoming competition. 

When practice was over I said to a particular cheer girl, "CheerGirl, go tell your mom she needs to come in from the parking lot to fill out these forms". 

Five minutes later little CheerGirl returns and says, "My mom can't come in to fill them out".  Okaaay?  "Then here are the forms and a pen, please have her fill them out in the car and then you bring them back to me".

Five minutes later CheerGirl reappears with completed forms.

Ten minutes later we get a call from said Cheer Mom.  "I'm calling to explain why I didn't come in".   "That's OK", we told her, "we figured you were in your PJs or your hair wasn't done".  "No", she says, "I couldn't come in because I was wearing white socks and crocs".


And here is a "completely unrelated to my story" picture of my Christmas Tree.  Just because everybody likes a photo.


My name is PJ. said...

This was pretty darn funny. Even more so because you added the picture of the (ELEGANT) Christmas tree!