Jun 5, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday - vol. 4

~ 1 ~
Garage Sales, Estate Sales....Love them!! Tis the season and I am loving it, especially since I have Fridays off of work now. I get up each Friday morning and can't wait to rush out to the driveway to get the local newspaper and start circling the ads and planning my route.

~ 2 ~
Cell Phones.....are a necessity for my family.

Cell phone Companies....will be the death of me.

~ 3 ~
My daughter had summer plans to go to Florida with her best friend's family (her bestie's momma is my bestie). Well, life throws curveballs and with the economy being what it is, and with my bestie job-hunting after just graduating from nursing school, the summer vacation has been postponed. They were supposed to have spent 10 days in Florida which included 5-day "park hopper" passes for Disney. Lizzie and her best friend (who just celebrated their 15th birthday on June 3rd) were looking forward to this trip as a birthday celebration.

Our girls are so precious! Did they complain or whine when they found out they wouldn't be going to Florida in a few weeks? No! Instead they thought for a few minutes and graciously and enthusiastically asked, "Can we go to Dave & Busters instead"? Bless their sweet little hearts (and the pocketbooks of the parents involved)!

~ 4 ~
Last weekend my hubby bought me a treadmill!! Yay! I have really been wanting one, and I must say I got up early every day this week, with the exception of Wednesday (it just wasn't happening that day), to hit the treadmill. What a great way to get in a vigorous workout while catching up on all my reality TV shows. Simply perfect!!
~ 5 ~
Chicken Fajitas! Yum! I smell them cooking in the other room as I type this post. Have I mentioned that my hubby does the cooking? I know ladies, how did I get so lucky! Simple, I have the best man EVER!!!!!!!

~ 6 ~

Photoshop Elements. Does anyone else find this program difficult to use? Maybe I just haven't taken the time needed to go through all of the tutorials and study them as I should. It just seems SO NOT user-friendly at all. I use Memory Manager from Creative Memories, and it is just so much simpler and has such an ease of use about it. However, the photo editing capabilities are not as extensive as Photoshop Elements which is why I insisted on it as a gift this past Christmas. I don't want this to be another gift that hubby spent money on and that I don't use, *coughsewingmachinecough*.

~ 7 ~

Congratulations to my Bestie. She passed her State Board Exam this week and is now officially an RN. You go girl!! Not only that, but she was offered not one, but two jobs this week! Yay!

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Amanda said...

You are so fun!! You make me smile and laugh and I love that!

Many blessings to you and yours this weekend!
God bless-