Jun 13, 2009

Moments with Pinky & the Momma

Ever have one of those days when all is right with the world? Today was one of those days. My day began with a whole bunch of "me" time, then flowed into some much treasured "mother/daughter" time. I try to remind myself as often as I can that "The best things in life are not things", and how very true that is.

Today was my day off work and did I sleep in? Hell no! I headed out the door bright and early to do a little yard saleing, one of my hobbies. I love the thrill of the hunt, the excitement of a good buy, and the anticipation of transforming other people's "junk" into something beautiful for my home. The sun was shining, the wind was in my hair, and the ole' mini-van was haulin ass down Rte. 252 to be the early-bird at the yard sales. Woohoo - what a rush. I know, weird, right? Well after an hour and a half of hittin the sales I stopped in to see Ree, my favorite hairdresser. She cut my hair as cute as always and since she is also my daughter's dance coach, I got the skinny on the upcoming season.

Loaded down with a fresh new 'do and a van full of "junk", I headed home and was met by a hungry daughter. Off I went again crusin in the mini-van, this time with my teenage daughter. We had the windows down, music pumpin, and made a pit-stop at Jimmie-Johns for lunch. YUM! If you haven't had their sub sandwiches then you are missing something special sister! I love these stolen moments with my girl. I call them stolen because her time does not really belong to me anymore. Her time is her own and she chooses to give most of it to the cell phone, her girlfriends, "the boy", and her endless cheer & dance practices. I wait ever so patiently for moments like this afternoon when I can stealthily swoop in and steal my moments in time. Moments that belong to only her and I. Moments when we are in sync, when I am not rushing like a mad woman, and she is not endlessly texting. Moments when we share jokes and stories, and laughs, and time together. Does it get any better than that?

She helped me pick out a paint color at Home Depot (Fresh Pineapple in case you're wondering), and she chose a perfect throw pillow to match my chair that will soon be glowing in Fresh Pineapple, and we shared in excited glee when she found her favorite candy at the cash register (Sour Patch Watermelon - VERY hard to come by).

Twice today we grabbed hands and cracked up laughing at something that was probably random and goofy and that I can't remember now, but who cares what we were laughing at right? We were sharing an awesome moment to remember. It is the little moments such as this that I treasure these days. The moments when I am not lecturing, or issuing warnings, or dashing here or there, or working. Moments when her phone is in her pocket and she's not worried about being taxied to a friend's house, or practice, or school. Just time for us to chill, enjoy each other's company, and get a little whiff of the good old days. The days when she was a little peanut and I was the mommy that she looked up to, and imitated, and adored. Today I was not the Mom that gets on her nerves. Today she was not my sassy-mouthed teenager.

Today I was Momma and she was Pinky, and the sun was shining, and the radio was blaring, and we were singing along. Today we laughed and we shared and we were goofy and we both just "got" each other.

Today, all was right with the world.

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Amanda said...

Beautiful sentiment, beautifully written...testimony to a beautiful child in a beautiful life...

These are the days huh?

You are good to write so fondly of your precious little girl (maybe not so little anymore) and let her know just how valued she is.

Great entry mom!

God bless-