Dec 21, 2009

I Invented the Friggin' Poof & all that jazz.

Don't let the photo above fool you.  We don't have any snow here in Ohio.    We were spared.
This little guy was made by my Lizzie and her best friend 2 years ago when we lived in the old house.

I cannot be the only one that is so crazy, busy this week.  Right? I have no time for baking, wrapping, or reading much less for blogging.

There are a few things that I want to talk about though, so I will most likely be back after Christmas to share my thoughts on cookie baking, Glee, last night's Survivor finale (that was B.S.), my girl's ever growing health issues (none serious thankfully), and how I am way behind on my Book Club which meets online January 3rd.  Hello?? June Gardens??  Who schedules Book Club immediately after the holidays?  How will I ever finish Serena?  Also I will need to discuss about Avatar (loved it!), the arrival of Nine (can't wait to see it!), my sisters pregnancy (It's a boy!!), and OMG - I almost forgot the 2 most important things that I need to blog about....Jersey. Shore.  Aghhhh!  Please tell me that I am not the only moron that is highly entertained by this craziness!!

No time. Off to dig up my college diploma because I have a job interview tomorrow.  Then to post office, and then to the store to try to squeeze my body into something presentable for this job interview. 

Argh!  When does this merry-go-round stop?

Merry Christmas & Happy Hannukah & all that jazzzz!


My name is PJ. said...

I hope your interview went well!

Merry Christmas!!