May 13, 2009

Buh-Bye Adam, Buh-Bye

OK, so America hasn't let me down yet with the weekly voting on American Idol. Last night's episode drove me nuts! Yes, it is true that I don't care for Adam and that Kris is my favorite, so I might sound a little bias when I say KRIS & DANNY BLEW ADAM AWAY!! Seriously? The judges are just salivating over Adam. Were they listening to the same thing I was? Because all I heard was high pitch screeching and loads of melodrama. They told him he is a rock star and should make a rock album. I'm sorry but there is not one person I know that would listen to music that sounds even remotely similar to what he shrieked at us last night. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE AMERICA - send Adam home tonight.

Simon Cowell was all, "I hope America doesn't think that he's safe and just not vote. I encourage America to vote for him". And I was all, "There's my proof that Adam was #3 last week and in danger of going home".

Of course the judges love Adam. They are Hollywood, they are music industry, they are jaded and they have seen it all. So here comes Adam who is unlike anyone we've seen before on Idol and they are just peeing their pants over him. Yes, the guy has good vocals, but what he does with those vocals makes me want to gouge my eyes out. Danny's version of "You are So Beautiful" kicked the patootie out of Adam's performances. And Kris' version of Kanye West's "Heartless"? Brilliant!!! Both of those performances were so in a different league to me than Adam's theatrical, ear-splitting, drama-laden, fake emotion "songs". BTW, loved it when Ryan reminded America that Adam has subjected us to his versions of both Queen and Cher. Maybe I like Ryan after all?

So here I am waiting with sheer anticipation for the results show tonight. Can't wait to see Adam Lambert go home. Buh-Bye - see you on Broadway (or at least on an episode of Days of our Lives).