May 15, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol.1)

~ 1 ~
This week was Audition Week at my daughter's allstar gym. She has decided to be on "only" 4 teams this year instead of 5. Which will make things easier for her? She is now moving up to the Level 5 team, which means she needs to start busting out with a "full twisting layout" pretty tootin quick. She has turned into an amazing dancer (in my non-biased mom opinion) and will be on 3 dance teams. Only 3 weeks off from practice and they are back at it on Monday. This is pretty much our life.

~ 2 ~
Update on my post "She's been known to kill small animals": Elmyra was over the other day with her little kitten. My daughter runs in and tells me that Elmyra has trained the cat to look at her and meow on command. She holds the cat up in the air under the front arms and she says "DO IT, look at me, look at me" and the cat will Meow. Then she says "DON'T DO IT, look at me, look at me" and the cat does nothing. "Mom you have to see this!", my daughter excitedly tells me. Sure enough the cat would meow when Elmyra said "Do It" and remain silent when she said "Don't Do It". Well it only took me about 15 seconds to get to the bottom of her magical powers: SHE IS PRESSING HER THUMBS INTO THE CATS LARYNX EACH TIME SHE WANTS THE CAT TO "DO IT". Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh!!! More animal torture. What cat wouldn't meow when having human thumbs pressed into it's throat!?

~ 3 ~
My son has been growing out his facial hair for quite some time now. He looks like lumberjack guy, with the scruffy face and moustache. It was in the overgrown stage, but not quite the actual beard & moustache stage. This basically means he looked like a bum. I kept asking him when he was going to shave it. Well, apparently he did Wednesday night, a fact that I failed to notice as I conversed with him before he left for work yesterday. Oooops. I received a tweet yesterday afternoon that says "I look 13 with my face clean shaven". What? Bad Mama! I bugged him and bugged him to shave and then didn't even notice. Bad Mama!

~ 4 ~
Please say a prayer for my bestfriend Stacy. She is having quite a "rollercoaster of emotion" week. On Wednesday we attended her Pinning Ceremony. She just graduated from nursing school (no small feat) and is now an RN. Her school graduation is this coming Saturday so it's been a great week in that respect. However, her grandmother passed away yesterday morning and having just recently lost both of my grandmothers, my heart goes out to her. Like I said, tough week, highs and lows.

~ 5 ~
I want a treadmill!!! Hubby won't buy me one, something about money and all (just kidding honey). I know we can't get one right now, but it's the only thing I want. I have myself convinced that all the hours I spend late at night or early in the morning catching up on all my damn reality tv would be much better spent on the treadmill instead of with my fat ass on the sofa. Ugh!

~ 6 ~
One word: LOST! Or should I say LOMGST!! Best season finale yet. I don't have much to say since I am still speechless and trying to process that action-packed episode. I really need to go back and watch it again and make sense of it all. I know I could just head on out to the ole' internet and get everything I want (and do not want) to know, but I think I'll watch it again and do some supposing on my own.

~ 7 ~
Comments. Why does no one leave me any comments on my posts? Maybe there are less people reading than I thought? Or maybe my posts aren't as catchy as my brain imagines that they are? People, leave me comments! I need some feedback. I know I am a new blogger, but a little feedback (good or bad) would be nice. Much Love!


amy said...

I'm really bad about noticing when hubby gets his hair cut or trims his beard or goes from full beard to goatee. If he shaved it all off, though, I'd notice. And I would not be happy.

I'm about to turn 40, too! I say bring it!

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

These were fun to read -- thanks for participating!!