May 2, 2009

Nature's Wonders

Last weekend's roadtrip to Cincinnati was nothing short of a catastrophe. However one good thing came of it: our visit to the Newport Aquarium in Newport, KY (which, let's face it, is really just Cincinnati over the bridge spanning the Ohio River). It's been years since I've been to an aquarium and it didn't disappoint. The fish and sea life were so beautiful. This Sea Anemone (I assume that's what it is, I wasn't taking notes) just took my breath away. How does a living thing growing at the bottom of the ocean look so incredibly beautiful?

If only I had as much luck growing my hackin' tulips. I love spring flowers because they signal an end to all things abysmal, dark, gloomy, depressing, and sad - otherwise known as an Ohio winter. Last fall my daughter, parents, and I planted tulip bulbs in my front garden. All winter I knew spring would be here when my red tulips bloomed for the first time (red being my absolute favorite color). Well the tulips have taken their time and finally just this week have started to grow tall. With the cloudy skies we've had for days they are taking too long to change color if you ask me. They just sit there looking Hurry up already!

We finally an afternoon of brief sun and they turned color - TO PINK!!! What? I did not plant pink bulbs, I most definitely planted RED bulbs. Months and months of longing for red flowers to adorn the front of my gloomy beige house, and I get light pink flowers. Yuck! I have a mind to cut them down, take them back to my local home improvement store, and demand my money back! "Listen lady, I don't care if I bought them last year, or if I planted them and they grew. The package said red and I want red"!

I quit! I swear I quit and give up, and it will never be warm, sunny, or summertime ever, ever, again! Arggghhhhhhhh!!!!

Update: Since last lamenting the pigment of my tulips, I have to say that the pink is very pretty. The tulips have come up strong and tall and a beautiful shade of pink. It's not red, but it will do. Here is a pic of what I get to look at out my office window all day long: