Aug 10, 2009

Happiness is...

19 to believe. We were so young then - you & me & baby makes three. These years have been so wonderful to me. It's hard to imagine, and it sounds cliche, but I truly do love you more now than I ever have. You are the most kind, generous, loving, supportive, loyal man I know. Your love for me seems endless. You know how I can be (and I'll just leave it at that), but no matter what, I always feel nothing but unconditional love from you. You put up with my occasional tantrums & my mood swings as if you'd been living with me half your life. Oh wait - we have been together half our lives! Oh my gosh, half our lives. And I am ever so grateful for all of the days we have yet to come.

Thank you for cooking dinners for me, for being my mr. fix-it, for being such a patient, wonderful father to our children. When I am sad, you are there. When I am mad, you make me smile. When my back is acting up, you reach over in your sound asleep to rub it for me. You are patient, ever so patient. Please don't give up on me, I am getting there. With you I feel loved, I feel safe & secure, and I feel happy. You are my best friend, & OMG how you make me laugh.

You are my everything in my every day. You are my sunshine that warms me, and heals me, and brightens my day. I couldn't live without you & I am so blessed, and lucky, and ecstatic that you are mine!

I love you baby with everything in me. From my toes to my head to the depths of my soul.

Happy Anniversary.


MonkeyFace said...

Oh, how sweet! Congratulations! I wish you many more years together.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Look at yall how cute! Thanks for the name on our lil cottage. You know me well...I will be using some blue..smiles~

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Ohhhh Now that's a good one too! It will be hard to pick just one name. Maybe thats why in the south we sometimes have so many middle names...hehe~