Aug 13, 2009

summertime, summertime, wherefore art thou summertime?

For 9 months out of the year I yearn for summertime. I can't wait until the flowers bloom, the sun comes out for more than 11 days per month, the temperature climbs above 65, and I don't have to wear long sleeves. So when summer arrived this year I was determined that this summer would be amazing. I would do so many things, enjoy the outdoors, see new places, experience new experiences. Well I guess I forgot about work, being a chauffeur, cleaning, errands, & general mundane yuckiness.
On August 1st I heard so many complaints from others lamenting the fact that summer was over. "Over?", I gasped, "You're crazy! We still have another full month!". Well here I am on August 13th, and my month is half over. The month when the hot weather would finally arrive. The month when I would do all of those things that I had been waiting all summer to do. Yeah, OK? I finally give up, summer has passed me by. I have been in the Metroparks approximately 3 times this summer, I could probably count on one had the number of walks I took in my neighborhood (unless you count the daily 30 min. treadmill walk). How did this happen? How is it gone? How will I survive the crap Ohio weather from September through May? I feel a baaaad winter coming on. And by bad, I mean "momma-done-lost-her-mind" bad.
I guess I will try to make the most of my August. My goal between now and the big 4-0 (which is right about the time of Sept. when crap weather will settle in) is to do at least 3 summer-inspired things per week. Starting with tomorrow's drive to Amish Country with my parents to enjoy the antique flea market. That'll be 1 thing this week, 2 more to go by Sunday. Wish me luck, for the sake of my sanity, please wish me luck.