Sep 8, 2009

Insects & Birds & Cats. Oh My!

As we were enjoying the beautiful weekend, we came across some critters in the yard. (Not counting the bee's nest that we need to take care of ASAP).

As hubby was weed-wacking along the neighbor's fence he was dive-bombed by this Hawk. The photo was taken from far away, but the bird was really quite big. The hawk either didn't like the noise, or hubby was getting a little too close to a nest of little hawklets. Is that even a word? Anyone know the plural for baby hawks?

Anyway, you can see the hawk perched on the corner of the fence where it landed a few feet from hubby's head. Hubby high tailed it back to the house, leaving the weed-wacker behind (you'll notice the orange extension cord). One time he was working in the yard and was chased around by a killdeer which, in case you've never encountered one, is a bird that runs on the ground and makes the most gawd awful screeching noise when trying to protect its young.

While clipping goldenrod and watering flowers we also found 2 preying mantis. One in the back meadow:

And another in the front holly bushes. They are so cool looking. This one had just turned its head to look at me. I think I was a bit too close for his liking.

This next creature is of the indoor variety. C'mon, how hackin cute is Ozzy? All curled up against that pillow. He loves to sleep on his back. Check out those cute little back paws curled up with his tail. Usually when he sleeps on his back he is sprawled out on the floor with his back legs splayed open. Such a dork! How could a kitty this cute be such a rascal???

How about you? Did you encounter any creatures this holiday weekend?