Sep 24, 2009

What the hell is a Hubby?

Seriously, in almost 20 years of marriage I have never once referred to this man as my "hubby". So I asked myself, "Self. Why are you calling him hubby"? I suppose initially when beginning a blog one hopes to retain some sort of anonymity for themselves and their family. At least I did. However, since I blog using my name, why not give this guy the credit he deserves? He is too awesome to remain anonymous, or to be called "hubby". When I say the word "hubby" I feel like we should be driving an RV wearing matching Disney World t-shirts.
Blogland, may I introduce you to Steve. This is my Steve. And he is a keeper!!!
Steve, meet blogland.


Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

That is so funny and so true! I tried to keep the names out ...but gave up! I, shamefully, did the "hubby" at first, too! Then I saw DH everywhere and had NO idea what they were saying! I think I finally gave my hub..Tom, an identity, too or else I didn't mention him!!

Amanda said...

lol... I always say hubby and have never thought twice about it. But I agree... your Steve is far too manly to wear that name tag.

Happy to meet ya tough guy. Keep your lady in check ok?