Sep 1, 2009

Must See TV

So last night I spent an hour watching the new A&E Series "Hoarders". Have you seen this, or heard about this show?

I first really learned about the disease of hoarding from my girl Oprah. She did a show last season in which Peter Walsh, organizer of the gods, helped families of those who hoard and the enablers that love them. It was disturbing. It was gross. It was freakin' fascinating!

So when I found out this week about the A&E Show, I was on that like a hoarder at a 2 for 1 sale at the dollar store. This episode told the story of two women, Tara & Betty. Tara admitted she had a problem, felt like she was drowning, and wanted help. Betty was in denial. She didn't think she had (or has) a problem, and was resentful that the authorities were forcing her to "clean up or move 'em out".

Funny thing is that both women reacted the same. They freaked out. Betty couldnt' give up her rusty toasters, pots, & vaccuum cleaners that were BURIED IN SNOW IN THE BACKYARD. IN OHIO. Betty just keeps adding to the piles. She goes to yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores, etc and just keeps collecting stuff. My hubby heard this and took one look at me, and just shook his head. I know he was thinking of that little pile that I have going in the corner of the garage. Whatever!!

Tara had a meltdown when her girlfriend threw her Peanuts cartoons in the trash. Peanuts cartoons. From the newspapers. Yes, it was that bad. And it was that fascinating. I couldn't turn away. The psychology of it is so interesting, yet so sad. Betty's family had been plagued with mental diseases and alcoholism and Tara never knew any other way to live.

Professional organizers might help today, but these folks need serious therapy & counseling. I will be interested to see this year if Oprah does a follow-up on Sharyn & Marvin this season. How are they coming along? Can this disease be cured? I will say it again - FASCINATING!!


Amanda said...

I gotta see that show! How neat. I'm a bit of a hoarder myself. Mostly food. That i eat. That then gets hoarded into my cellulite.

That counts right?

MonkeyFace said...

I actually watched this program and was equally fascinated and disturbed. I had to turn the channel, but I flipped back. My husband also gave me the side eye...he knows of my thrift store/yard-estate sale/flea market addiction.