Sep 29, 2009

Way ahead of its time.

So I went to Home Depot on Sunday to get some end-of-season plants for my front yard and this is what greeted me:

Wha?  This is just riDONKulous.  It's the hackin Christmas display!  I haven't even put out all my "fall decor" yet much less even thought about Halloween.  Now you want to shove Christmas down my throat?  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely lurve decorating for Christmas - AFTER THANKSGIVING!!!  Every year it's earlier and earlier.  Where do they think we live?  In Canada?  With all of the holiday shifting going on up there I could see this happening.  But Christmas in September?  In Ohio?  It only stands to remind me that we are about to start 9 months of the season from hell.  Ugh!


Amanda said...

lol I am with ya girl!!! It TOOOOO soon!!

(but i love decorating for Christmas as well... just more TOWARDS Christmas!)