Oct 13, 2009

Cat Fix

Henry, oh Henry.  How cute are you?  Does anyone read Bye, Bye, Pie?  It's only one of my favorite blogs ever.  Occasionally June will generously share with us her sweet kitties Henry, Winston, and Francis.  (Oh yeah, she has a dog too).

June has me in stitches on a daily basis, she is reallllllllly funny and I love all of her TV and 70's and 80's references.  One of the best parts of her blog are the comments on each posts.  Her faithful readers carry on "chats" in her comments sections that are almost as good as reading the posts themselves.

In case you are wondering, I am definitely on "Team Henry" after this post.


Amanda said...

I have no idea. I tried to catch up but got so lost reading her post my head started spinning.

But I like You!