Oct 20, 2009


So last Thursday I thought I'd be cute and post a funny little comic about swine flu starring the lovable Pooh & Piglet.  I should have known better than to pick on the poor little creatures of Hundred Acre Wood.  They didn't deserve it.  And what do I get for doing that? Well, karma has come around and bit me in the ass.  Or should I say bit my daughter? 

Poor little Lizzie has been struck with the Swine Flu.  Not only does she have that miserable affliction, she ALSO has Mono.  Really?  Really?  The poor kid can't even get her self to the bathroom.  Forget the fact that the grading period ends next week and her grades will most likely take a nose dive, she doesn't even have the energy to watch her beloved Degrassi. 

If I catch swine flu, I will not be a happy camper!!  I've never washed my hands more in my life.  Here's a glass of water. *wash my hands* Let me feel your forehead. *wash my hands*  Time to take your medicine.  *wash my hands

Talk about paranoid.  I'm already a germaphobe, now I'm going stir crazy.  Steve walked in the door from work tonight and I smiled from ear to ear as if he'd shown up with chocolates and flowers.  Reinforcements!  Yay!  Please just put me in a bubble and wake me when it's over! 

OK.  Enough about me.  The poor girl is moaning for me from the other room, so mom computer time is over.

Damn pigs!