Oct 25, 2009

Lizzie, r u ok? r u ok? r u ok Lizzie?

Wow! This has been such a long week for everyone here in our house.  The piglet is finally over her swine flu, but the Mono lingers on.  Did I mention that she had Mono at this same exact time last year?  Methinks someone upstairs is trying to tell us something.  This child needs to slow down!!  She is a good student in the 10th grade, she is a football cheerleader plus she is on the competition squad at school.  Then there is the whole all-star thing.  She dances & cheers competitively and she is at practice for that 4 days per week. 

Yeah, I'd say it's time for her poor little body to sloooow way down. 

Before she fell ill I agreed to take her to the opening of Michael Jackson's new  movie.  THE. OPENING.    As in Tuesday night at Midnight.   "It'll be OK", I said.  "So she sleeps in and gets to school late, or god forbid misses a day of school.  She's a good student.  She can handle it".   Oh how silly of me!  She missed this entire past week of school.  That's 5 days.  What do I do?  Do I take her to the movie on Tuesday, and risk her being exhausted all day Wednesday.  Or do I forfeit the cost of 3 tickets, and break her little heart?   What to do?  What to do?

You see, her hip-hop team is doing an MJ routine this year (no, not because he died. They actually started it in May), and I feel as if this movie would be like a personal dance lesson from Michael himself.  So important for Lizzie and all the kids on her team to see.  Not that we can't go another time, but seriously folks where is the fun in that?

What do you think?  Should I take her, or no? 


MonkeyFace said...

Oooh...this is a tough one. One that I think you may have to make on the fly, so to speak. Wait and see how she's feeling on Tuesday. If she rests up and begins catching up at school, why not? As long as she feels well enough to go. But, I highly suggest a long nap for her the day of the show.

Have a great time if you do go! If not, you can always wait until the weekend! And, I'm sure you can find someone to buy your tickets if you can't go on Tues.