Oct 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Saranne said...

Hang in there!

Amanda said...

Girl VITAMIN D3!!! You will feel BETTER!!! And your symptoms will diminish!!!

Here is a link you can check out:



Charisse and Holly said...

I keep wondering how people know they have swine flu? I've known several people that said it was the easiest flu they ever had...so how do you know? Hope the rest of you stay well, and that the piglet feels better soon. Thanks for coming by our blog. Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

Charisse and Holly said...

Thanks for coming by today. Great swine flu info, not sure I would have even gone in with normal flu symptoms. Can't wait to see the Ikea show. Maybe I'll get it next week to watch with Charisse when she comes over. Have a great weekend. Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com