Nov 7, 2009

And now for something a bit more cheery....

Lizzie and I made a trip to Old Navy yesterday.
We were in search of boots.
We hit the motherload.

We are completely loving all of the new cardigan boots,
slippers, and socks that are everywhere.
The best variety and display were clearly at Old Navy.
I got the bright yellow slippers in the photo above.
I am saving them for next weekend's cheer competition.
Because, yes, the rumors are true.
Hello, my name is Stephanie, and I am a Crazy Cheer Mom.

I am ecstatic that I am not the only Ohioan that wears flip-flops in the winter,
as evidenced by the Ho-Ho-Ho footwear above.

Scarves, glorious scarves.

I love color.
It makes me happy in this gray landscape of winter November.