Apr 30, 2009

We are the Variable

So having survived last week's recap episode , I was glad to be back with my beloved LOST last night. This show just seems to get more intense as the season goes on. Each episode is full of the precious answers we have longed for, and yet leaves us with more questions.

Answers: Desmond survives after being shot by Ben, Charles Widmore is Daniel Faraday's father, Eloise Hawkins (Dan's mom) was a Hostile, Eloise kills her son Daniel in the 1970's before he was even born (time travel dude, keep up).

Questions: If Eloise knew she would some day kill her son, why did she push him towards his "destiny" and why did she insist he go to island knowing she would be his murderer? Daniel says there is a catastrophe about to occur within hours. If that is true, why doesn't everyone on the island die when it happens? How can I possibly keep up with everything going on with Daniel? How many times has he gone back and forth in time, or to the island? I find it easier to follow Locke's storyline than Daniel's these days.

Brilliant Predictions: Jack & Kate inform Eloise of Daniel's ramblings and convince her to follow through on Daniel's plan to somehow avert the impending "hatch" catastrophe and therefore negate everything that has gone on these past 5 seasons. Season 6 (the final season) will be the story of our castaways told as if the plane never crashed and they had actually landed in L.A. My guess is that they would all come together anyway. Why? It is their destiny.

Alas, we have but 2 episodes left in the season and then it will be the interminable wait until January 2010.