Apr 23, 2009

The Day After.....

My daughter is a dancer, my daughter is a cheerleader. She puts in 16 hours per week at the practice gym. Not to mention all of the competition weekends, travel, uniforms, etc. I think you get the not-so-pretty picture, it's basically sucking up the money that would like to become our "life savings". Hence the part-time job 2 nights a week at the "gym". The only way to let my daughter be the dancer/cheerleader/athlete that she yearns to be.

One of the evenings I work at the gym is Wednesday, otherwise known as LOSTday. This is so not cool. I do all I can to get out of there on time and rush home to my waiting husband who is kind enough to keep his weary head from hitting the pillow just so we can get LOST together. This can be added to my list of favorite things: sittin' with my hubby on the couch getting lost in LOST.

Which leads me to last night's episode: A HACKIN' RECAP EPISODE !! Ugh! One of my guilty pleasures stripped from me. I rushed through the door, got situated on the couch with hubby, activated the DVR (otherwise known as the best invention thus far in the 21st century), only to find out that we have to endure another Recap. episode. "Noooooooooooo!". Needless to say hubby lasted 10 minutes, then left for bed, and I was left to doze off on my own, listening to a narrator tell me stuff I am already quite well aware of, thank you very much.

So in the absence of new LOST tidbits to share with you, I will instead share with you another one of my guilty pleasures, gazing at Sawyer from LOST.

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