Apr 10, 2009

lordie, lordie, looks who's 40.

Today is my hubby's birthday. The Big 4-0. I wonder if he feels any different. I tried to ask him about it last night, you know, just to compare notes. I got the usual "i don't know". When pressed a little further, I got a sarcastic "what do you want me to say? My life is half over, or maybe more than half over?" Well, I guess we know how he feels now.

All kidding aside, I want to wish my love a very Happy Birthday. He deserves it, he has put up with me since we were 18. Which means for more than half of his life. Hmm, based on our recent conversation that's a negative thing right? Hmmm.... Anyway I just want to say he is the most wonderful man ever. He loves me like crazy, treats me like a princess, and I love his sense of humor. You might have lived half your life baby, but we have so much more to go and I look forward to every day with you.